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Toolmaker Vise

Tool Maker Vise Material : JIS SKS3 , HRC 60° Parallelism :  <0.003 mm / 100 mm Squareness : <0.005 mm / 100 mm Idea tools to block and position pieces with high precision, both for machining and checking.  They are suitable for grinding and milling machines, working centers and electron discharge machines.
Precision Vise Tool Maker Vise: Precision Vise VB Material: SK2, HRC56°~58° (VB60: S50C, HRC55°~56°) Parallelism: within 0.005mm/100mm Squareness: within 0.005mm/100mm This Tool Maker Vise can use the hoist to adjust the forward/backward movements of sliding seat.
Precision Vise Material : SK2,HRC54°~58° Parallelism : within 0.005mm/100mm Squareness : within 0.005mm/100mm Suitable for small working-piece grinding and electric electrode processing. Replacing square master to revise and measure working pieces
Tool Maker Vise of Screw type Material : SK2,HRC54°~58° Parallelism : within 0.005mm/100mm Squareness : within 0.005mm/100mm The specially designed reverse hook eliminates effectively the floating of sliding seat under the strength influence, thus ensuring the precision of working pieces.
Mini Stainless Precision Vise Material : SK2,HRC58°~60° Parallelism : within 0.004mm/100mm Squareness : within 0.004mm/100mm Micro tool maker vise is applied to clip tiny workpiece, or assist large vise to make two-way compound clipping and ensure the clipping precision.
EDM Tool Maker Vise Tool Maker Vise- EDM Type Material : SUS440,HRC55° Parallelism : within 0.008mm/100mm Squareness : within 0.008mm/100mm Both vise and slippery block are made by stainless steel, good anti-corrosion capability.
Precision Sine Vise Material : SK2,HRC56°~58° Parallelism : within 0.005mm/100mm Squareness : within 0.005mm/100mm Except holding the advantages of tool maker vise, the sine vise also can clip work piece by various angles under sine theory to check and cut the workpiece; the adjustable angle range is 0~46°, sine gauge conversion table is attached to product for gauge selection.
Sine Vise of Screw Type Material : SK2, HRC56°~58°。 Parallelism : within 0.005mm/100mm Squareness : within 0.005mm/100mm With angle between 0°~ 45° In addition to features of tool maker vise, this sine vise employs the sine theory for the angle inspection and grinding.
Precision Universal Angle Vise Material : SK2, HRC54°~58° Parallelism : ± 0.01mm/100mm Squareness : ± 0.01mm/100mm Precision graduation for accurate reading Horizontal swivel through 360° The unit tilts 45° vertically This Vise well suited for straight or inclined surface, angular drilling machining on various machine tools as precision grinding machine, boring and milling machine, electrical discharge machine etc.
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