Angle Lock Vice

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  • Angle Lock Vice - DV
Angle Lock Vice
Model - DV
Angle Lock Type/Light Weight Precision Vise
  1. Angle Lock Mechanism produces downward pressure on Jaw during clamping, ensuring that both Jaws are parallel and work is held accurately. 
  2. Slideways and underside of vise are precision ground. 
  3. The Stepped Jaw Plates are hardened to HRC 50º and precision ground. 

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Products List
NCV Type Precision Vise Delicately designed structure, ensures working precision and enhances rigidity for long service life. Fast switch and high compatible module.   Using high-grade iron of over FCD 60 grade for high rigidity and also Angle-Lock System which automatically pulls the workpiece down to the accurate position of within 0.01mm, this vise is most suitable for precision mold making on Machining Centers. Vise can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
Backward Clamping Vise Delicately designed structure, ensures working precision and enhances rigidity for long service life. Fast switch and high compatible module. Front chip cover equipped to protect leadscrew from swarf. Rear chip cover adopted, prevents chips getting into the vise.
Angle Lock Vise (Side-by-Side Type) Angle Lock Vise CR type, can be placed side-by-side on the N/C equipment.  Sides ground.  Parallel with each other to 0.02mm Jaw Opening to 145mm of CR-6
2-Way Angle Milling Vise Tilts up and down, 2-Way Angle Milling Vise, Easy and light operating, it is particularly well suited to many jig and fixture making applications as well as being more versatile for general machining work.
2-Way Angle Milling Vise 2 Way Angle Milling Vise UV-135 The Jaw width is 150mm, and Max Jaw Opening:130mm The vise can be elevated through 90º from the horizontal to the vertical position. The 360º tunable base is graduated in degrees.
Universal 3-way Vise Angles can be set in three dimensions. The 360º tunable base is graduated in degrees The vise can be elevated through 90º from the horizontal to the vertical position, and it can also be tilted on its lower angle setting base up to 45º in both the left and right directions. The vise can be securely locked in all of its three settings. 
K Type Vise The jaw opening of K type Vise: 4K type vise (Jaw Width 100mm) max jaw opening: 70mm 5K type vise (Jaw Width 130mm) max jaw opening: 85mm 6K type vise (Jaw Width 150mm) max jaw opening: 105mm 8K type vise (Jaw Width 200mm) max jaw opening: 150mm
Super-Open Milling Vise Super-Opening Milling Vise, 200mm Jaw Opening on FJ-400 Vise, 300mm Jaw Opening on FJ-600 Vise. Easy operating, 3 holes for FJ-600 can be firmly clamped quickly. Suitable for any kind of general milling machines
Table Quick Vise TQV-4” Quick and Fast, easy to operate Maximum opening of jaw is up to 110mm, jaw width 101mm. Designed for home, workshop, professional use, general purpose and light work, and ideal for woodworking, cutting conduit, drilling, metalworking and more!
Free Vise SV-Type The clamping length is no limitation. Rigid and durable. The material is special steel, and heat treated, precisely ground. The vise has a strong construction and a high precision. 3 sizes: SV-62, SV-85, SV-125
Free Vise FV-Type Free Vise FV type, the clamping length is no limitation. The material is Cast Iron. 3 Size: FV-350 Jaw width:75mm(3”);  FV-450 Jaw width:102mm(4”);  FV-550 Jaw width:125mm(5”) The screw sets is included.